During Vespers, Tuesday through Friday, Paul Karos will be our featured speaker. Mr. Karos had a successful 35 + year career on Wall Street. He ran hedge fund portfolios for 13 years, at his own firm Aplos Advisors, Whitebox Advisors, and Millennium Partners.  He was President of Piper Jaffray’s Investment Banking and Equities Division where he led the firm to become a national investment banking player. Earlier in his career, he was Managing Director of CS First Boston, where he was named the number one-ranked airline analyst in the world for five straight years.

As of June 2018, Mr. Karos founded Matrona Ministries, a lay Orthodox Christian ministry which performs coaching one-on-one, parish retreats, and Orthodox Christian life assessments. He’s been involved in a variety of ministries in the Orthodox Church: Retreat Leader for several men’s, youth, and family camp retreats across the country; a bible study leader for the Minnesota Orthodox Christian Prison Ministry Team; pre-marital counselling with and on behalf of priests as a trained ‘Prepare and Enrich’ counselor. Mr. Karos earned his Master of Arts in Applied Orthodox Theology through the University of Balamand, Lebanon, and a BS of Business Administration from the University of Minnesota. He gives numerous motivational presentations to business and school groups as well.

Mr. Karos is married to Cindy and has three children. He has been legally blind since his teen years, and is now 98% blind.

Late Night Chat With Sayidna and Ask Abouna

Late in the evening, from Monday through Saturday, you have opportunities to get to know the Hierarchs of our Antiochian Archdiocese. You can Chat with Sayidna Tuesday through Friday night, and Ask Abouna whatever you want, Monday through Saturday, at 11:30pm. Our Bishops and Priests will take turns sitting with you in an informal setting so you can bring them questions you always wondered about. Wonder no more. You will find answers.


For the first time ever at an Antiochian Archdiocese Convention, there will be a workshop for priests. Every member of our clergy is invited to attend this event, Wednesday at 11am. Provided by Faithtree Resources, our priests will learn the steps for ‘Building an Effective Parish Ministry Team.’ The priests will become equipped to identify parishioners who can serve as co-laborers in collaborative ministry to help their churches thrive in community.

Several other workshops for conventioneers are planned for Wednesday:

–THE CASE FOR ORTHODOXY IN OUR CULTURE: With a PowerPoint Presentation, Fathers Edward Hughes, John Fenton, and Patrick Cardine will defend Christianity as an historic element of society, of Western Civilization, and argue against attempts to root out its meaning from our culture.

–SOCIAL MEDIA & TECHNOLOGY SAFETY PRACTICES FOR THE FAMILY: Presented by Deacon Christian Manasseh, adults and children will learn the effects of excessive use of social media on the young. You will be given ways to control screen time and social media interaction. You will also be taught the safe and healthy ways to use technology and how to communicate that to children of all ages. You may bring tablets or laptops with you.

–GETTING YOUR CHURCH ONLINE: Presented by Deacon Christian Manasseh, this step-by-step approach focuses on Technology, Process, People. It will help Clergy and Laity involved in church technology or communication to set up a website, choose systems for bookkeeping, donor/member management, eBulletin, etc. You may bring tablets or laptops with you.

–MARRIAGE: A SOCIAL IMPERATIVE WITHIN AN ORTHODOX CONTEXT: Kh. Dr. Maggie Hock will have an informal interactive presentation and discussion with handouts. 

–WHAT’S UP WITH HOMESCHOOLING? Fr. Noah Bushelli will address the changing landscape in education and the opportunities available to families seeking a way to educate their children within the life of the Church. Additionally, he will discuss how to support and encourage the homeschooling families in your local parish.

–CONFRONTING DIFFICULT TOPICS: Dn. Adam Lowell Roberts will present some questioning protocols to help when talking with someone, whether Orthodox or not, about a difficult topic. At a minimum, these topics will be covered: same-sex marriage, abortion, political ideology (left and right). At the beginning of the workshop, participants will be given the list of subjects and be allowed to write down any additional topics they want discussed. After Dn. Adam presents a Biblical and practical approach to the first three difficult issues, the group will take on the additional topics.

–EXPERIENCING HEALING IN A TERMINAL ILLNESS: Lessons from the life of Fr. Roman Braga. Dr. Daniel Hinshaw will share an understanding of holistic care in the last days and hours of life.

–SMALL GROUP MINISTRY FOR PARISH REVITALIZATION AND COMMUNITY OUTREACH: Dn. Andrew Short will talk about the role small groups play in the life and vitality of a church. He will also address the impact community outreach has on parishioners and their faith.


A tradition of our convention is to begin each day with Bible Study. From morning until night, we will have Matins, Divine Liturgy, Vespers, and Compline as we worship together as one body. Throughout the week, Choirs and Chanters will rehearse for these Services.