Hello and Welcome to our AC2019 Convention Website. Our website links you to the Antiochian Archdiocese Convention Website. It is there where you can register to attend the Archdiocese Convention in Grand Rapids, MI between July 21 and July 28, 2019, Purchase all your Event Tickets, Buy an ad in the Souvenir Journal, Make a Donation, Sponsor the Convention, and/or Reserve a Vendor Booth.

The Archdiocese mandates that everyone must register to take part in the convention. It assesses a $20 registration fee. You are not obligated to purchase any tickets to any events, but there is a $30 attendance fee to offset hotel and convention center rental  costs associated with hosting AC2019.

(Here is where you can go to register online: antiochianevents.org/events)

You may purchase the Event Package which gives you entry to 5 events: Teen Dance (teens only), Family Fair, Antiochian Spotlight, Hafli, and Gala. If you want to purchase individual tickets to those or other events, you may do so. Other paid events include Order of St. Ignatius Dinner, NAB Women Brunch, and Tours & Excursions.

If you would prefer to register through the mail instead of online, you may download the Reference Registration Form, fill it out, and mail it in with your payment to: Archdiocese Convention, St. Nicholas Church, 2250 East Paris Ave SE, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49546

Online Event Registration Download Reference Registration Form

The Convention has a special program for young children ages 4-12 called Kids’ Club. It runs Tuesday through Saturday during the day and during some evenings. You can purchase a week-long package or pay a per diem fee. If you wish to place your children in Kids’ Club, you must register them and fill out the Kids’ Club Medical Form. You may download that form and mail it in with your registration form, if you do not wish to register online.

Download Kids’ Club Medical Form


The Souvenir Journal tells a story, Your Story. It is the history of who you are, where you came from, and where you’re going. The pages introduce you to all the Antiochian Churches in our Archdiocese and to many Orthodox Christians who believe as you do and live as you do. The Journal offers a glimpse into each other’s lives…the past, the present, the future generations.

This year, the Souvenir Journal will highlight 50-years of the youth of our churches who were members of Teen SOYO, and 40-years of young people who spent a summer week or two at the Antiochian Village.

Be a part of our history. Tell Your Story in photos and words for all of us to read and remember. Purchase your place in the Souvenir Journal. You may buy your ad online or download the Souvenir Journal Form and mail it in with your payment.



It’s an honor and a blessing to sponsor something so meaningful as the gathering of Antiochian Orthodox Christians. When we come together for our biennial Archdiocese Conventions, something remarkable happens. We become one…one community instead of hundreds of churches. And every time we meet, we grow closer as we celebrate Divine Liturgy together, attend meetings, parties and competitions, go on excursions with one another, and hear thought-provoking speakers who draw us nearer to our faith. Something remarkable happens.

Sponsors help make that “something” possible. They provide financial resources for the convention. Will you consider being such a provider? You may become a sponsor online or download the Sponsorship Form and mail it in with your payment.

Online Sponsorship Form Download Sponsorship Form


Everybody likes to have something new. And many of us like to purchase an item as a keepsake or reminder of where we were.

At AC2019, we will have a variety of vendors exhibiting their special wares for all of us to see and purchase. We’ll have booths set up Tuesday through Saturday, in key locations where conventioneers gather each day. Booths will close during religious services.

Reserve your vendor booth and let the buying begin! The downloadable package below is a zipped file that includes five documents: the Official Vendor Registration form, as well as four documents from the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel with general Exhibitor Guildelines, Vendor Shipping/Receiving Guidelines, Exhibitor Service Request form, and information about shipping outgoing packages.


Online Vendor Form Download Vendor Package