Grand Rapids is AFFORDABLE, family friendly and safe–It won’t break the bank because it’s reasonably priced and there’s so much to do here.

Grand Rapids is ACCESSIBLE and convenient–—many of you can get here on a tank of gas, a quick train ride, or on one of 120+ direct flights. It’s uncongested and easy to get around.

Grand Rapids is ALL-INCLUSIVE—when you step outside your 4 star, 4 diamond hotel room, you are within walking distance of 100 cafes, restaurants, and pubs…shops, museums, and markets. You can take a quick jaunt to the sandy beaches where you are in the cleanest, clearest, freshest water of pure Lake Michigan.

You’ll Love It Here! What’s not to love?

Come and be a part of the celebration of 40 years of the Antiochian Village and 50 years of NAC SOYO…

Attend the most thought-provoking and challenging workshops…

Witness the exciting competition of the Bible Bowl and Oratorical Contest…

Be entertained by the best musical talent in the Archdiocese…

Participate in the most fun family night, hafli, and dinner dance…

Worship together the way we are meant to do…

AC2019 is the PLACE TO BE…We’re waiting for you…

Event Registration

HERE’S HOW TO REGISTER (Developers recommend Firefox or Google Chrome): 


  1. Click on “Event Registration” above (but read the instructions below first…)
  2. Go to top right to “Create an Account” with your name, email, password, etc. & click “Create My Account”
  3. Once your account is created, click on “My Account” & enter diocese, parish, address, phone, then SAVE
  4. Go to top left & select “Event Registration” to purchase your Event Package & buy other events, i.e. St. Ignatius Dinner, Antiochian Women Brunch, tours, kids’ program & click “Register” & the “Add Registration” box pops up to fill in your info, then add to cart ($20 Archdiocese registration fee is automatically charged)
  5. Go to top left menu bar to purchase Sponsorships, Journal Ads, etc. & add to cart
  6. Once you select all items desired, click “Check Out” on top right of page, provide payment information, then click “Pay Now.”


The Event Package is your entry into five of the most exciting and memorable events of AC2019. Here’s what awaits you:

Wednesday—Teen Dance (Teens Only)…in the oldest grandest Ballroom in Grand Rapids. Get ready to party down.

Thursday—River Walk Party…on the banks of the Grand River, a Street Fair for the whole family. Gather for an evening of fun, frolic, and food. It’s a party for all ages as you watch the sun set over the water.

Friday—Antiochian Spotlight and ‘YALLA…LET’S DANCE’ Hafli…what a jam-packed evening of great entertainment. It starts with the Antiochian Spotlight ‘From Broadway to Grand Rapids.’ Some of the best talent in our Antiochian Archdiocese will grace the stage in song and dance. But the dancing doesn’t stop there. Right after the show, you get to kick up your heels in Dabke Style for our highly-anticipated Hafli.

Saturday—’LIGHT THE NIGHT’ GALA!…Dine and Dance the night away as we share our Love and FAITH together. Enjoy the Sights, Sounds, and Sentiments of an era we remember, dedicated to the Antiochian Village.